Questions at The Well

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At The Well everyone is on a spiritual journey, so why demand that folks know the destination before they arrive? We invite you to consider Jesus Christ as the orienting center of your life, but that does not mean everyone believes exactly the same thing.  But if you'd like to know where we are in the great community of the Christian community: 

We are "evangelical catholics," the middle way. We are evangelical (people with good news) without being fundamentalists. We take the Bible seriously, but we also see it is a living word that demands to be interpreted for each new generation. We are catholic (literally, "universal"), meaning that we are grateful for the great gifts of the Christian tradition and appreciative of the diversity of the family of God.

As a Reconciling in Christ Ministry, we rejoice in the full participation of people regardless of gender, gender identity, ethnicity, or sexual orientation in every aspect of our ministry.

Our expression of the faith emphasizes God's infinite love and grace in Christ and the freedom of the Christian life.

We never ask anyone to check their brains at the door, but welcome the questions and struggles that faith and life brings.