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The Well is a  Lutheran Campus Ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), the Virginia Synod,  Luther Memorial Lutheran Church, and St. Michael Lutheran Church.  Our mission is to assist any college students in their faith journeys while they attend the university.  The ministry seeks to provide a place where the challenging questions of faith may be asked and faith can be lived in daily life.  If you would like to make a gift to Lutheran Campus Ministry at Virginia Tech please contact  the  Pastor: Bill King      

.  Please write  a check to make a tax deductible contribution to: 

The Well    Lutheran Campus Ministry @ VT, 

600 Price Fork Road, Blackskburg, VA 24060           




      We have recently engaged VANCO services.  They provide secure on line giving.  Transfers from checking or savings can be made as well as Discover, Master Card, and Visa.  The Donate Now button will take you to the site of Luther Memorial Lutheran Church which hosts campus ministry.                                                    

Ministry Support

Each year the ministry is responsible for raising a large portion of its programmatic and operating needs.  These funds support weekly programs, leadership development, Bible study, retreats, service learning opportunities and fellowship in an intentional Christian community.  In addition, scholarships are given to students when they  participate in retreats, special events, or service learning opportunities such as an Alternative Spring Break trip.

We are blessed by the generous  support of annual donors:

  • Parents of both current and former Virginia Tech students
  • Alumni and other friends who wish to continue their relationship with the ministry. 
  • In addition, the current group of students raises money at each home football game by parking cars at the CampusCenter and surrounding grounds. Other funding streams include annual grants from the Virginia Synod, ELCA church-wide receipts, and St. Michael Lutheran Church.The ministry is housed at Luther Memorial Lutheran Church which supports the ministry with time, talents, and generous gifts.

If you are a Thrivent Financial for Lutheran policy holder you can direct your Choice Dollars to

Lutheran Campus Ministry at Virgina Tech.          


All kinds of new possiblities for ministry begin with the new year. 

Join us in ministry with your tax deductable contribution.  

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