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Discover Who You Were Created To Be...

The Well is a ministry of outreach by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, centered in the unconditional love of God. But whether you have been a Lutheran Christian all your life, never set foot in a church before, or feel disillusioned by the Church, we invite you to check us out.  What are we about?

  • BIBLE:  We are unapologetic in saying we are serious about discipleship.  We want to follow Jesus and that means trying to understand what the Scriptures and the ever living Christian tradition tell us about walking the way of Jesus.
  • BRAIN:  Some faith communities treat your brain as the enemy, as though Christian faith is too frail to survive honest doubt and confusion.  We want you to ask your hardest questions and wrestle with what it means to be a Christian on campus--because that is the only way to have a faith worth having. You won't find pat answers at The Well, but you will find a safe place to explore how God fits in with the expanding world that college offers.  We don't want to protect your faith; we want to challenge it to grow.
  • BODY:  We want your body--in fellowship, worship, study, and service.  We gather regularly as a community of faith to learn, celebrate, and support.  But we are also a community dedicated to serving in Christ's name in the world.

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